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About me:


My name is Evi and I’m a travel blogger. Lucky for me traveling is my biggest passion and a job, since I have worked for travel industry for many years now. I’m madly in love with South East Asia, Iceland and European capital cities. I use all my 26 days off to travel the world. During my trips I focus on nature, architecture and great food. I try to travel with small budget, but like to have comfortable bed, so you will find me somewhere in between a 5* resort and a tent in the middle of a jungle.

I write about my travels to encourage people to get out of homes, show them exactly where they can go by giving all the hints or inspire to discover the world by themselves.

Let’s work together!
If you wonder how we can cooperate together let’s look at the possibilities. As a travel blogger I get a lot of opportunities to promote and review:
  • travel agencies’ services on spot,
  • official tourism organizations,
  • travel equipment and gadgets,
  • travel books
Reviews are always honest and while promoting products and services I focus on being reliable and subtle. Other possible forms of cooperation:
  • sponsored posts if the subject is related to travel or my blog,
  • selling pictures,
  • copywriting,
  • travel presentations and workshops,
  • study tours & press trips,
  • brand ambassadorship,
  • writing for digital and printed magazines.

Here you can check my previous work as a writer and travel presenter: Press & TV and below GA statistics from the last month (click to enlarge).

If you have any proposal, question or doubt please do not hesitate to contact me:

Evi Mielczarek
Polish Travel Blogs